Enables to operate the light capacity Mobile Crane with rated load capacity less than 5 tons capacity.

Course for Japanese Theorethical class: Japanese
Theorethical exam: Japanese
Course for foreigners Theorethical class: Japanese
Theorethical exam: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese and Indonesian.
Textbook:English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Course  Requeriments  Course hours Number of days Course for Japanese
(Tax and book included)
Course for foreigners
(Tax and book included)
Theoretical Practice Total
A ・For those who have the Skill Training Certificate of Sling, Derrick or Floor- Operated Crane. 10h 6h 16h 2.5 30,000 35,000
B ・For those who do not have any of the qualifications described above. 13h 7h 20h 3 38,000 43,000