We are a small registered training institution approved by the Director of Kanagawa Labour Bureau, providing kind and helpful Skill Training courses(Ginou Koushu) and Special Education(Tokubetsu Kyouiku) at a low cost and work with seriousness, dedication and within the law!!

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Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and English!
Authorization for Skill Training
講習科目 登録番号 登録期限
フォークリフト運転技能講習 登録第262号 2028年7月10日
小型移動式クレーン運転技能講習 登録第263号 2028年7月10日
玉掛け技能講習 登録第264号 2028年7月10日
ガス溶接技能講習 登録第268号 2028年7月10日

For those planning on attending the courses, it is necessary an understanding of conversational Japanese equal or higher than level N3 of JLPT. If your understanding of Japanese conversation is still insufficient, it is required to bring an interpreter/translator. Furthermore, the conditions for interpreters are: to have [simultaneous interpretation skills], [knowledge regarding the contents of the referred course] and [understanding of Japanese equal or higher than the level N1 of JLPT]. However, interpreters who do not have [knowledge regarding the contents of the referred course] can attend a class in advance at no cost (except for the textbook fee). The interpreter must come before the course date for an evaluation interview. In this case, please feel free to contact us in advance.


From April 1, 2017, natural persons who have completed the following courses can get a refund of 20% of the course fee applying for the Educational Training Benefits System (Kyouiku Kunren Kyuufu-kin Seido) at Hello Work.


  Slinging Skill Training - foreigners- Course C - 19 H - 23,000
  Forklift Skill Training – japanese - Course C - 31 H - 40,000
  Forklift Skill Training – japanese - Course D - 35 H - 45,000
  Forklift Skill Training – foreigners - Course C - 31 H - 43,000
  Forklift Skill Training – foreigners - Course D - 35 H - 48,000
  Cargo Crane Skill Training - japanese- Course A - 16 H - 30,000
  Cargo Crane Skill Training - japanese- Course B - 20 H - 35,000
  Cargo Crane Skill Training - foreigners - Course A - 16 H - 38,000
  Cargo Crane Skill Training - foreigners - Course B - 20 H - 43,000


  In the case of employees who are insured of the Unemployment Insurance, those who have paid for unemployment insurance more than 3 years.

  In the case of people who are not insured (unemployed), those who have applied for the course within 1 year from the date he/she left his/her job and had paid for unemployment insurance more than 3 years.


1. Check the dates of courses in the calendar schedule

2. Make a provisional booking from phone or e-mail

046-233-3633 / 046-292-1184



3. After your provisional booking

4. Make the payment.

Your registration will be confirmed only after the payment of the full course fee of the desired course.